Meet Marnie

From the very first time you meet Marnie, one would see a quiet, reserved woman with a peaceful resonance.

But there’s something behind those eyes.

When you get to know her, you see the spunk. The woman who won’t be held back by any challenge; mental, or physical. One who loves to dance, socialize, experience adventures & helps those she hardly knows.

She pushes herself to the edge with any

challenge and has a love of life that will bring you to tears.

She sees things we don’t all see. She loves in a deep and incredible way.

Her heart is as pure of a gold as I’ve ever seen.

She is love personified. Knowing Marnie is a gift.

She genuinely makes you feel appreciated, validated and most of all, loved.

Here is a woman who graces your life in a way that makes you want to be better,

do better, love harder and appreciate those things you’ve

been taking for granted.

Meet Marnie.



My name is Marnie.



Makeup by Harold Santos

Hair Cut, Colour and Styling by Lisa Schoor

Wardrobe Styling by Kelly Hastman Cherewick

 Image by Lynette Giesbrecht

I entered the transformation contest as I felt this was just what I needed.
Time to get a little piece of myself back again!


 Image by Harder Photo Design 


 Image by Harder Photo Design 

For the past sixteen years I have been employed at Seven Oaks Hospital as a clerk.

I loved my job. Feeding the homeless on a night shift or just bringing someone a blanket made me feel great!


Image by Lynette Giesbrecht


Image by Lynette Giesbrecht

 A few years ago, I had decided I wanted more and helping those that were most vulnerable would make me feel proud. I decided to return back to university to obtain my Bachelor of Social work degree. While working, being a wife, raising my children, this goal appeared as though it was in my near future. I worked hard and spent many, many hours studying. I had many aspirations I wanted to achieve.

So that’s where my planned path was going… Life, had other ideas for me.


Image by Lynette Giesbrecht

Over the next few months, I could never have predicted what would lay ahead. I was experiencing headaches and excessive thirst, and suddenly, I was attending specialist appointments and suffering from illness. My health took a drastic downfall. Although it took some time to figure out, an MRI showed a brain tumour near my optic chasm, which could lead to blindness. After numerous appointments, neurosurgeons, an endocrinologist, I was now told I had a team of specialists at Health Sciences Centre, working on a plan to save my life! What? I didn’t even realize how serious this had all become. After rapid treatment and often the highest doses of medication possible, I have fought and taken these horrible drugs that have reaped havoc on my body. I have lost hair, my feet, face, and hands are swollen most days. Some days it’s hard to walk as I am just so weak. These are just some of the side effects of the illness.  Sometimes when I look in the mirror I don’t see myself anymore.


 Image by Harder Photo Design 


 Image by Harder Photo Design 

I have decided over this past year, to live each day as a positive role model for those around me, as much as possible. Although, I have no control over the days of nausea and vomiting, or the weakness and ability to sometimes walk only a few minutes. Those are the bad days. On every good day I have, I am outside doing fun things, and spending quality time with my children. I now have Panhypopituitarism due to a second tumour above that gland in my brain. I also have memory loss now, so my writing skills are a challenge. There is no need to go on regarding my twenty pills a day and two injections that are keeping me alive.

My university degree has been put on hold. I had to retire from my job as I could no longer work shift work.


Image by Lynette Giesbrecht


Image by Lynette Giesbrecht


Image by Lynette Giesbrecht

I am choosing to continue to stay positive and be happy around my children and others.

Helping is what I do best!

 There really is no way to describe how good it feels to be empowered by the stories of others. This day meant so much to me. I felt just a little bit, like my fun, happy self again! To have these photos for my children so they can see me all dressed up and glowing in a dress, well that, is priceless!
The Artist Groupe really boosted my spirits, I can’t thank them enough!
This was a day I will never forget. The experience will last a lifetime!
We could not have done this without the help of our community.
A HUGE thank you to Lynette Photographer & Harder Photo Design for these spectacular images! We truly couldn’t have done this without you ladies! The talent you both exude is awesome to see!
 Lennard Taylor for the amazingly crafted articles of clothing! We can’t thank you enough for these fantastic pieces!
Sparrow Events Company for the use of your fantastic space and thank you so very much for the wicked change room! Unexpected and just beyond cool!
Alise Frederic Salon for framing these lovely faces with brow shaping!
Forever 21 for lending us the fun pieces we were able use for this shoot!
Shelley Hook’s Closet for the super cool wardrobe we got to dress these lovely women in for this shoot!
Suzan Kiernicki for the amazing Stella & Dot jewelry! So great to get to use such great pieces in our wardrobing!
Our artists Harold Santos, Whitney Dheilly, Chelsea Watson, Lisa Schoor with The Artist Groupe. We are blessed to call you all partners and work with your talent, selflessness and selves every day! Thank you for giving these ladies the pampering and styling they deserved!