Meet Maegan

I’ve personally known Maegan for many years. I encouraged her to enter the contest, but didn’t express to anyone on our judging panel that I knew her. She was the only contestant that received every single judges vote. Her story is relatable, real, powerful and inspiring.

Her story here does not explain the depth of the beauty of her soul. Maegan is a truly amazing woman. While parenting her beautiful family and being a wife, she always finds time to love and support those who are most important to her. She does so with a beautiful grace that will warm your heart.

Maegan was diagnosed with a pituitary brain tumour when she was only 19. Her positive view on life is tremendous. She is very private about her struggles and chooses not to share her struggles or story, where there will be any focus on her. She has learned to live with this and maintains an inspirational positive attitude about it every, single, day. Her heart has a unique ability to love unconditionally, beautifully, and without want for anything in return. Her view and perspective on life is so incredibly encouraging. She was beyond deserving of this very special day.

It was a pleasure giving her the opportunity to have a moment of self love. To show her how tremendous her beauty is.

Meet Maegan.



Hello. I am Maegan – and this is my story.

I am a wife who is married to my best friend. I am a mother to 4 children. A 6,5,3 & 1yr old! Yes, you read that right!  Busy, is an under statement.

My day starts at 7am and it’s full throttle all day, till the kids go to bed, which is when  I start my 2nd part of the day. Laundry, lunches, email teachers, grocery shop, try to get in a workout in there, connect with friends, work on my new business, and find a few moments to do something for me. Did I get that all?!? I end my day after midnight and hope that my “on call job” of tending to my children doesn’t wake me too many times, and pray for a decent night sleep.

My plate is full. I find myself running out of time each and every day. Every day, I am hoping that the next day will have more time in it. Hoping it will find a little more of my old self.



Hair Cut, Colour and Styling by Chelsea Watson

  Image by Harder Photo Design 

So when I started the beginning of 2017, I promised myself that I would be a priority. Not to become selfish, but to fill my cup a little more than I have in the past, so I would have more to offer my loved ones. My husband, my children and the people I hold dear to my heart. I have started this process, but I had felt that I hit a road block. As my 4th child just turned 1 year old, and a hobby of mine that miraculously turned into a business, I find myself lacking self confidence. I am not back to my ideal body shape & weight post-children, the lack of confidence from being in the work force world, the style trends have changed in the last 6 years, and most of all not knowing how to juggle all of the intense responsibilities of all of these hats.

The outside package (aka – ME) needed a makeover to match the me I’m working to be in my mind. The one I want & desperately needed to be.


 Image by Lynette Giesbrecht

So when this contest came about, a friend encouraged me to enter.

I can’t remember my response. I think I maybe chuckled a little and thought it would be nice But the insecure side of me thought I wouldn’t win.  And…then the dreaded thought creeped in of people seeing me at my “not so best”, was ever so frightening. But, I pressed send at the last few minutes before the contest ended.

Ahhh, what did I do?!?

And then I was chosen. What?!? This has become real.


 Image by Lynette Giesbrecht

She put all these clothes in front of me that I would never have put on.  I was skeptical, but entertained her and myself, by putting them on. I walked out of the change room, and was amazed. She paired all these pieces to fit my body type & my lifestyle. Picking up kids from school, going on play dates, to throwing on my fancy shoes to go out in the evening with my husband for a date. I was impressed!


 Image by Harder Photo Design 


 Image by Lynette Giesbrecht

Next, I met with Chelsea to talk about cut & colour. I couldn’t believe how fast & efficient she was. When she was all done, I looked in the mirror and felt so fresh and hip. As a mama, I often feel guilty or the need to rush when I take the time for me outside the home. She took the time to do this, to make me feel beautiful & special. I couldn’t stop touching my hair and realizing this was the start of the new me.

I beamed from the chair instantly, giving her a hug.


 Image by Harder Photo Design 

Soon, it was the makeover day – where it all came together.

I showed up that morning to meet all the other woman who won the contest. I felt like I already connected with them because we all had so much in common. They were all so open & excited to be there – at the same time I did not know their full stories.


 Image by Lynette Giesbrecht


 Image by Lynette Giesbrecht

As the day went on, we all enjoyed our time getting to know each other, realizing we all have stories. We enjoyed all the pampering The Artist Groupe was giving to us.


 Image by Harder Photo Design 

The photographers were so lovely. They instantly put me at ease. Quickly I felt like it was just me and the photographer laughing and doing fun poses.

At the end of the day, I was sad to see it end. It was so much fun getting to know all the other contest winners, being inspired by their stories, the hairstylists, makeup artists, photographers and

The Artist Groupe owners and how they literally transformed the outside of me within the day.


 Image by Lynette Giesbrecht

I walked away from the experience changing a few things about the old me and being so thankful about it. They transformed this mama of 4 and wife to someone very special – I was SO grateful.

I remember coming home, walking into the house and my children looking at me saying “mommy, you look so different, is that really you?”

I truly feel better & more confident about myself. Thank you so much to The Artist Groupe. You enhanced me to be a better & polished ME!


 Image by Lynette Giesbrecht
We could not have done this without the help of our community.
A HUGE thank you to Lynette Photographer & Harder Photo Design for these spectacular images! We truly couldn’t have done this without you ladies! The talent you both exude is awesome to see!
Lennard Taylor for the amazingly crafted articles of clothing! We can’t thank you enough for these fantastic pieces!
Sparrow Events Company for the use of your fantastic space and thank you so very much for the wicked change room! Unexpected and just beyond cool!
Alise Frederic Salon for framing these lovely faces with brow shaping!
Forever 21 for lending us the fun pieces we were able use for this shoot!
Shelley Hook’s Closet for the super cool wardrobe we got to dress these lovely women in for this shoot!
Suzan Kiernicki for the amazing Stella & Dot jewelry! So great to get to use such great pieces in our wardrobing!
Our artists Harold Santos, Whitney Dheilly, Chelsea Watson, Lisa Schoor with The Artist Groupe. We are blessed to call you all partners and work with your talent, selflessness and selves every day! Thank you for giving these ladies the pampering and styling they deserved!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Owner / The Artist Groupe