ReVamp Your Style Makeover—Contest Winner

All those years ago when I first decided to make Makeup Artistry my career, I knew I was a different kind of Artist. I knew in my heart that I had a different purpose with having the opportunity to have faces in my hands. Ive spent years trying to put into words what it was that I had hoped to do by adding a few colours to someone’s face. My genuine belief is that makeup is an art. It is a gift to be able to take a face and change it into something and someone completely different. But my purpose was not to take someone’s face, and change it. My purpose was to change their perspective. To be able to take what I have learned, all the years of being a “brush holding” ear, and bring someone an opportunity to see themselves. To have that different perspective and feel a new happiness. All of this has come to fruition with this amazing journey. Our ReVamp your Style winner, Bonnie Diakiw.





“My intention is not to change your face, my purpose is to transform your soul.”

Originally when I’d first thought about blogging about the winner of our contest, I thought I’d ask some generic questions about the experience and turn it into a story on my own. Bonnie’s owns words were so powerful and resonated so strongly with me, I’m going to let her exact words speak for themselves.

Meet Bonnie.





Tell me in 4 words how you felt about yourself before the makeover experience?








What made you the best candidate for this prize?

By the sounds of it there were many deserving women that would have been an excellent candidate for this prize but I have to say I am truly appreciative and grateful that I was chosen. I think of it more of a gift than a prize, and once I received the news that I was the winner I realized how bad I truly wanted it. Every part of me was open, ready and wanting a change, but if I am to be completely honest, I was scared because I was feeling so insecure. I thought I would be judged during the process of the makeover. I was already so self-critical, that the thought of others seeing me and making suggestions seemed overwhelming. Yet each time I met a member of the Artist Group, it was one positive experience after another. At no point did I ever feel uncomfortable or judged. If anything, these ladies really had the ability to boost me up and I realize how hard I was being on myself and how my thoughts often got the best of me.

When I first told some of my friends and co-workers that I had won this prize, everyone would say,” what if they cut off all your hair, or do something that you don’t like?”.

In that moment I could confidently say that I was truly up for whatever they had in mind. I was open and ready to cut off all my hair (and did end up cutting off a good 10 – 12 inches). I knew that what I had been doing wasn’t working, and I had absolutely nothing to lose by trying out something completely new.

In that moment, I realized this was the push I had ultimately been needing for a very long time,….and who better to go through it with than the team from The Artist Group. What a fabulous bunch of women. WOW!




Tell me about your daily life?

I work in an Operating Room as a Corporate Program Assistant. I work Monday to Friday and when I am not at work, I am typically a chauffeur mom for 2 boys. I spend my week days in the OR and week nights running to football or track , or doing something with my kids. Between homework and other daily responsibilities, I try to go to the gym with my wonderful and supportive husband and to a boxing class one night a week with a friend.




What prevented you from being your very best every day?

Honestly, I think I was truly just stuck in a deep rut and was unaware of how bad it was until the moment I was forced to step outside of it. I lost sight of me.

For the last 8 years, I was consumed with my kids. My husband used to work nights and I was home with our then babies, all day and all night alone. Although I loved being home with the boys, I was constantly exhausted and living in survival mode. As time went on, and the boys got older and somewhat easier, my husband started working days but was also finishing an MBA leaving me to still have a lot on my plate. For years I constantly looked after everyone and everything. As the boys started school and time went on, I started to develop some health issues. Over time… thing lead to another and I think I was very unaware of how much I had fallen apart. Hanging on by threads at times and feeling guilty at the thought of maybe needing help to not feel so overwhelmed all the time.

Now the kids are in school full time and I went back to work. While dealing with some health issues that kept me from ever really feeling very good or having much energy, and being busy with the kids in a different way, it forced me to look at myself a little more.

I would always tell my kids to not wish their life away. To look forward to the day….not what’s coming on the weekend etc. I realize I was doing the same thing. Always waiting for the day I lost weight to buy clothes, or waiting for the perfect moment to make a change. I was waiting……during this waiting I was becoming increasingly less happy. I had more anxiety than ever, and didn’t want to go out. I forgot who I was because all my time and energy had been focused on everyone else. Perhaps that was my own defense mechanism.

I felt too far gone and just couldn’t step outside myself to decide where or what I should do. It’s almost like I had thrown in the towel and just had the mind frame that this was life and to stop feeling sorry for myself. Again, looking back now I see how bad my image of self-worth had become. I was in a hole so deep, I just felt I couldn’t get out so I became complacent with being there.




How has this experience helped/changed you?

Its helped me to see that I am a better mom, wife, employee, friend, etc when I take care of myself. I want to feel good and I want to look good. I joined a boxing class one night a week and started more of a routine workout plan. I have scheduled time for me. I started looking up clothing and styling ideas that I hope to incorporate over time. I threw away my maternity clothes! Only took 9 years..LOL

I am living in the now….and not thinking about the changes I could/would/should be making in the future. I am living again.

I found a picture online that says, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.

Nothing resonates more with me after this experience.  It’s really opened my eyes.




How has this experience changed your outlook on fashion and styling?

Rhiana (stylist) was fabulous. She taught me not to eliminate pieces because I didn’t think I could wear them. She showed me how to make adjustments so that I was comfortable but still had options. I have quite a lot of scarring on my body from different health ailments and instead of hiding or eliminating certain clothes, I was taught how to make adjustments. I also realized, that sometimes you just have to ask for help. I lived in this head space for so long of thinking everyone was or would judge me….when really I was only judging myself. People and friends want to help and want you to feel your best.




How will you incorporate your experience into your daily life?

I won’t be scared of change. I will try things, figure out what works and what doesn’t. I will stop being so hard on myself. I realized how important it is to feel good. When you look good, you feel good and ultimately that keeps you moving forward. I realize I will probably go through life slumps here and there, but now I am more aware of them. I think in those moments I will be more quick to say, I am going to get my hair done, or treating myself to a tan and getting my makeup done for a certain function. Those things can really go a long way and have the ability to change your thought process.




Describe in 4 words how you felt after the make over?

Energized, happy, grateful, optimistic, liberated,


I am truly grateful for this experience. I am not sure these ladies will ever understand the impact that they have had on me.


Rhiana, super sweet and so incredibly reassuring and comfortable to be around. She opened my eyes to fashion ideas and how to make things work for me. Despite my initial anxiety about having to send her my measurements, and her having to see some of the scars on my body, I have to say I will probably be bugging her in the future for other fashion tips as time goes on. She opened my eyes and made me excited about shopping.


Chelsea: Great energy. I absolutely love my new hair style. She was excited for me, and took the time to show me ways I could easily style my hair and what to use and how to do it. There wasn’t a moment where I felt unsure about cutting off all my hair.


Molly: So sweet, I felt absolutely beautiful when she was done. I walked in feeling a little insecure about my skin flaws but from the minute I met her, I instantly felt at ease.


Coralee and Rebecca: I hate to admit it, but this was the part I was dreading. In the past, I had done everything possible to avoid getting my picture taken. I hid from family photos. I hate seeing myself in pictures. These girls were so beyond fantastic. They made me feel so comfortable and natural……in what would be a very unnatural setting just days prior. I am also embarrassed to admit this but the evening of my photo shoot….I became the selfie queen! Hahaha. Who was I??? I finally felt like the me that I had long forgotten!


Kelly: An unbelievable support to me and there every step to make sure things were organized, running smooth and to make sure I was happy with everything. Without a doubt, the teams vision for me was spot on.


This team of people is incredible. I wish this experience on anyone who is feeling they need a lift, or life change, or even just something fun to do. I can’t possibly express my gratitude for this experience that was given to me, or truly explain how much it has changed and helped my state of mind.


Bonnie Diakiw


A powerful testimony from our winner.

This is genuinely the reason we hope to be able to meet women with many of their own challenges, feelings of inadequacy and self struggles. It is pure magic what an experience like this can do for you!

I am hoping to lift many more spirits and encourage those feeling less than spectacular. Each woman is wonderfully perfect in their own right… We want to help you to see that!

I truly can’t wait to do more of these!



Makeup by Molly Rollon

Hair by Chelsea Watson

Organic Tan by Kelly Cherewick

Styling by Rhiana Stranges

Photography by Red Photo Co.