What A Lucky Thing We Do!

Ever wonder what it’s like backstage at a Fashion Show? How lucky are we that we were able to participate in being the exclusive Makeup Artists at the Wonderful Wedding Show this year! To be able to feel what it is like to be backstage and work on beautiful faces, who get to wear such spectacular gowns! What an experience! It was amazing to see new wedding designers such as Anna Lange Bridal, as well as some wonderful options for your gentlemen as well like EPH Apparel (they do custom suits you know!) The fashion show was amazing with a new take to the presentation from previous years.  How fun to do themed make up and bring back brides of the 80’s and 90’s, as well as some stunning bridal looks of the ’50’s. Take a moment and feel the energy that is backstage life at a fashion show!

Photo Credit: BTL Commercial

Makeup Artists : Stas, Molly, Genevieve, Kelly, Shalla, Jen

All Makeup Artists of The Artist Groupe!