Not Just A Makeover, A Soul Transformation


When Kelly and I decided we wanted to build The Artist Groupe into a dynamic company, initially, our plan was to grow our business doing what we loved, while maintaining flexibility for us to be there for our families.

In this day, the pressures on women to be housekeepers, full time contributors to the household, keep our kiddos in extra curricular activities. Look great. Feel great. Be superior mothers, career women, sexy, polished and put together  girlfriends and wives. The expectations are intense. We work every day to do our best to fulfill it all, always feeling like we are falling short in every, single, category. We felt choosing to be entrepreneurs would allow us more of a chance to achieve all of these demands. While we want to grow a business that is sustainable, what’s become more of a focus for us is to create something bigger. To take our resources and utilize them to help build women. To create a systematic way to grow the vines of every single female we come across. To Transform. From the inside, out.


In these thoughts, came the inspiration of Soul Transformation.

And so we held a contest called Transformed. Many entered the contest and their stories touched us all very differently. 6 beautifully wonderful women who’s stories impacted us so greatly, that we want to share a piece of their journey. To give them a week of treatments. Hair cuts and colours, brow shaping, shopping trips, makeup applications and styling. We wanted to show them a different version of themselves. A new perspective.


A moment seeing this beautiful, wonderful, strong, courageous woman peering back at them in the mirror. To help them to build a platform on which they can stand. And hopefully finally feel like every single ounce of effort given to their family, friends, and loved ones is enough. That THEY, are enough.

Sharing this experience with the winners literally moved us to tears. Watching them see themselves again. Some, it seemed, as though they were seeing themselves for the very first time. It was extraordinarily powerful. Being able to share these moments with them was an opportunity of a lifetime. One neither Kelly nor I, will forget anytime soon. THIS is what makes the vision of our company, a reality. This is my dream. To have an opportunity to do this filled my heart.


So here is a sneak peak into the final day of this experience.

We will be sharing their stories over the next few weeks on our blog!

Looking forward to you meeting these spectacular women & sharing a moment in their life.


We also want to take a moment to thank every single person the helped to make this amazing collaboration happen!

Sparrow Events Company for providing their beautiful space for our photo session.

Alise Frederic Salon & Spa for pampering these ladies with brow shaping.

Lennard Taylor for lending us these beautiful pieces of your unique designs & gorgeous jewelry pieces!

Suzan Kiernicki for supplying us with amazing pieces of Stella & Dot jewelry!

Forever 21 Polo Park for working out the details to get us these great pieces we were able to dress our winners in!

Lynette Giesbrecht of Lynette Photography & Kat Harder of Harder Photo Design for your uncanny ability to bring out the very best in every single photograph you captured of these women! THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts!

 Our wonderful and amazing team at The Artist Groupe.

Hair Cuts and Colours by Whitney Dheilly, Chelsea Watson & Lisa Schoor.

Makeup by Harold Santos, Nancy Dutiaume & Kelly Hastman Cherewick

Styling by Nancy Dutiaume & Kelly Hastman Cherewick